Raclette Dinner Recipe – How To Make Perfect Raclette Dinner

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Raclette dinner recipes - how to make perfect raclette dinner
This is how to make perfect raclette dinner with raclette grill. Simple, and you can invite your friends to raclette dinner party in your home!
  • 150–200g raclette cheese and sliced into 8mm slices (for 1 person)
  • potatoes
  • rashers of bacon
  • beef fillet
  • chipolata sausages(you can use other small pork sausages)
  • courgette (zucchini)
  • red capscium (bell peppers)
  • cornichons or pickled gherkins
  • pickled baby corn
  • barbecue sauce and/or ketchup for the sausages and meat
Prep 15 m
Cook 15 m
Ready 30 m
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  • Fill pan with water, then boil the potatoes
  • Cut the raclette cheese to fit the small trays under the raclette grill
  • Turn the raclette grill on to medium-high heat
  • Put the bacon rashers onto the grill plate and cook until your liking (If you are using bacon)
  • Use the bacon fat to cook meat and vegetables on the hot grill plate
  • If you are not using bacon, simply brush the grill plate with some oil
  • While the meat and vegetables are cooking on the grill plate, place a slice of raclette cheese into the small trays and place them under the heating element
  • Slice the potatoes and add the melted raclette cheese
  • You can also put slices of potatoes into the small trays so that the cheese melts directly on top
  • Make sure the meat doesn't overcook.
Nutrition facts: 510 calories, 31g fat, 25g carbohydrate,
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